MONOL 2015.11 最新價格調整與優惠

最近更新日期: 2015-11-28

Please be advised that effective November 1, 2015, we will be offering new options for students to customize their study program. The details are as follows:

1. Regardless of their course, students can apply for additional 1:1 classes provided that their schedules can still accommodate them.
2. Students can also convert their group classes to 1:1 classes if they think they can maximize their learning more in this kind of setup.
3. The Discussion class will not be offered as a free optional class for General ESL students anymore.

Because of this new program, the academy has decided to change the fee for GENERAL ESL/INTENSIVE SPEAKING ESL, which, by next month will be $680/4 weeks. However, please take note that the additional classes or class conversion will have corresponding fees. Attached in this email is a document that contains the new fees matrix for your reference.

Also, by November, we are pleased to inform you that Monol is yet, again, doing room renovations to make way for a room for 6 students. At the moment, the construction is still ongoing and we hope to show you a photo of the room as soon as it is finished. Should the renovation go smoothly, we can already open the room to students by November 14, 2015. The fee for this new room will be $310/4 weeks.

Lastly, considering that the exchange rate to USD is still high, we will still grant a 10% discount to your students.




Jason (資深遊學留學策略規劃師)

Jason從事教育顧問的工作已有10年的經驗, 從2007年入行, 在這些日子裡, 遇見過形形色色的家長與同學, 每個人都有自己的理想與堅持或是需求需要被滿足. 多年的顧問經驗告訴我, 沒有最好的某種教育產品, 只有最適合的生涯規劃. 服務, 該提供給真正有需要的人, 這一直是Jason以助人的角度出發, 持續堅持在教育顧問服務產業的目標, 如果你正好在選擇教育產品上很徬徨, 何不與我們聊聊?