最近更新日期: 2017-02-27


一個月前,我從台灣來到這裡。雖然我只在這裡四個星期,但我有一個很好的經驗。在這裡的生活與台灣截然不同。我是一個FULL TIME的雅思學生,在這裡非常累一天有10課。然而,我的所有老師都善於教學,我在這短短的時間內真的改善了很多。我從Philinter學到的東西不僅在書中,還有文化的多樣性。學到的比我想像的要多。




One month ago, I came here from Taiwan. Although I only stayed here for four weeks, I had a great experience in Philinter. My life here was extremely different from Taiwan. I was a full-time IELTS student and it was very tiring to have 10 classes a day. However, all of my teachers were good at teaching and I really improved a lot through this short period of time. The things I learned from Philinter are not only in books but also the variety of cultures. I got more than I expected.

My weekends here are so unforgettable. I went to a lot of spots and enjoyed both island hopping and snorkelling very much. The scenery under the sea is very beautiful and amazing. I was surrounded by a lot of fish which made me feel excited. I really love the beaches in the Philippines.

The most important thing is that I made a lot of friends from different nationalities. It’s really fun to chat with them in English instead of our mother languages and I think I’ll miss all the people I met in here after I go back to Taiwan. I hope I can meet my teachers, classmates and friends again someday.

Thank you so much!

Jason (資深遊學留學策略規劃師)

Jason從事教育顧問的工作已有10年的經驗, 從2007年入行, 在這些日子裡, 遇見過形形色色的家長與同學, 每個人都有自己的理想與堅持或是需求需要被滿足. 多年的顧問經驗告訴我, 沒有最好的某種教育產品, 只有最適合的生涯規劃. 服務, 該提供給真正有需要的人, 這一直是Jason以助人的角度出發, 持續堅持在教育顧問服務產業的目標, 如果你正好在選擇教育產品上很徬徨, 何不與我們聊聊?